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I have been involved in many Real estate transactions during my life. I would like to describe my experience with Joan Caplis. We first met in 2008, when we were to move from Santa Monica to Corvallis, Oregon. Joan was one of many agents interviewed regarding marketing. We chose Joan because of her professionalism, fund of knowledge, and marketing savvy. Our relationship and the service given, is evidence that choice was clearly the right one.

Joan developed a successful strategy. As the Real estate market was very soft, we decided to rent the property until the market recovered. Joan could not have been more professional and supportive. She and her team began a aggressive marketing strategy, guiding us in what was necessary to successfully market our property. We successfully rented the property through five yearly leases. Joan continued to be very supportive during that entire time. In my experience, most realtors would have walked at the prospect of dealing with a rental, instead of a sale. Not Joan. In my opinion that speaks admirably to Joan’s professionalism and ethics. I could not have been successful through these years without her and her staff.

When it came to selling, Joan’s performance was nothing short of amazing! As any one who has bought or sold a house knows, it is very stressful process, to say the least. Because of Joan’s daily active involvement, we were able to quickly and successfully sell my home at a very good price.

Offers are one thing, but getting to closing is another. I have never seen a realtor work as hard as Joan. My previous experience has been that, after house gets put on the market, and after a open house, we waited for offers. Not with Joan. Through her contacts we had an amazing initial days showing the property to qualified, screened individuals. After securing an offer, Joan worked  diligently through the process of inspections, the necessary responses, and remedies. She advised and executed our responses, and then helped us deal with all the contingencies. We had a close and open relationship during this entire process, bringing things to a successful sale.

It is not possible to completely describe all that Joan has done for me over the years. She is an ethical, extremely capable, professional, with the smarts and tenacity to sell a property. I cannot recommend her more highly