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This is a letter of appreciation for the outstanding work done by Joan Caplis in representing me as I sought to purchase a home on the west side of Los Angeles.

I had specific requirements and preferences in a house, ones that are not readily available in homes in the geographical area in which we were searching. During the search, Joan was diligent and thorough in looking for both exactly what I wanted and in looking for properties that had the potential to be transformed into what I wanted. She was patient with me as I occasionally expanded my geographical search when I could not find what I wanted in Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades or lower Malibu; and when I expanded (and then discarded) additional house styles when it became apparent that the Westside is woefully weak in the area of modem architecture.

She was always honest with me about how she felt about various houses we saw, even when I felt differently about the property. Moreover, she could always explain why she felt the way she did, whether it was noise-level, flow in the house, quality of the neighborhood, quality of the most recent renovation of the house, or some other reason. Through it all, she was upbeat and supportive, never letting me get discouraged.

Once I found a place and made an offer, she was both remarkably detail oriented and strikingly efficient. She lined up inspections in no time, she kept touch with my loan broker, and she kept in touch with me consistently while not becoming overbearing.

In short, she was great and I would recommend her (and have done so) to anyone who might ask.  Should you wish me to expand on my comments, I would be happy to do so.